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British Contributions to International Law, 1915-2015, Anthology, (BRILL, forthcoming)

British Influences on International Law, 1915-2015, BRILL

Butterworth's Employment Law Handbook (20th Edition), LexisNexis

Commercial Litigation Handbook, Damar Training Ltd

Contract Law Summary Manual, CILEx

Dialogues between International and Public Law, BIICL/Melbourne Law School conference report

Employment Law Manual, CILEx

Equity & Trust, GDL Manual, BPP Law School Learning Media

International Law and Drone Strikes in Pakistan: The Legal and Socio-political Aspects, Prof Sikander Ahmed Shah, Routledge 

Land Law, GDL Manual, BPP Law School Learning Media

Law of the Sea: UNCLOS as a Living Treaty, BIICL

Public Law Summary, CILEx

Report on the Obligations of States under Articles 74(3) and 83(3) of UNCLOS in respect of Undelimited Maritime Areas, BIICL

The Role of British Advisers in International Law, Brill

ort Law, GDL Manual, BPP Law School Learning Media




Butterworths Family Law Service, (loosefleaf) LexisNexis

Ghosh: Taxation of Corporate Debt and Derivatives, (looseleaf) LexisNexis

Pension Law, (looseleaf) LexisNexis

Procedural Fairness in International Courts and Tribunals BIICL

O'Keefe: The Law of Weights and Measures (2nd Edition), (looseleaf) LexisNexis

Tolley's Tax Planning, (looseleaf) LexisNexis







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